Frankfurt International Conference

The presence of the Quranic Brocade Research Foundation at the Frankfurt International Fair in Germany in


About Quran Research Group and Epistemology

Research Unit of Qur’an And Epistemology, authorization number 2/22/46383, date 21 May 2012, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Publishing Permit for the Journal of “Religious Science”, under the registration number 91/17891, date 24 July 2012, from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


Religious Science

Having reviewed different approaches to religious science, this books sets out to examine various epistemological and theological challenges facing the production of this kind of science.  Arguing that religious propositions have their own scientific meanings, the author attempts to show that neither the science is excluded from the realm of …


The Advancement of Knowledge

This book starts with a discussion over the main human expectations from the development of knowledge which are as follows: -Increasing one’s knowledge regarding the universe and the human being -Individual well-being with the advancing technologies -Providing the required grounds for social peace and stability The most significant periods in …


Science and Meta-science

This books examines the relationship between science, values, metaphysics, and culture. In the section devoted to the philosophy of science, the characteristics of the positivistic epistemology as well as the critical views of Popper and Cohen regarding the influence of meta-scientific affairs such as values and metaphysics on science are …


The Ontology and Nature of Knowledge

This books deals with one of the greatest puzzles of the universe, i.e. “The Ontology and Nature of Knowledge” which has long been a matter of considerable controversies among the Western and Muslim Philosophers. 


The Relationship between the Reason and the Faith from Imam Reza (A.S) Perspective

Examining the relationships between the reason and the faith has been among the oldestdiscursive issues within the history of religions.