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Publishing Permit for the Journal of “Religious Science”, under the registration number 91/17891, date 24 July 2012, from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Artistic Cultural Institution of the Quranic Research Foundation, under the registration number 1228, from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

The publications of the Quranic Research Foundation of Hawza and University, under the permit number 7446, from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


(Basic Structures of the Relationships Between Science and Religion (By Muhsin Abbas Nizhad)

Development of Knowledge

Imam Reza (A.S) And The Relations Between Reason and Religion

Existence and Whatness of Knowledge

Science and Metascience

Religious Science

Traditional Fundamentals of the Religious Science

(A Series of Research Papers in the Field of the Qur’an and Modern Sciences (by a group of contributors)

Qur’an, Literature and Art (four volumes)

Qur’an and Economics (three volumes)

Qur’an, Psychology and Educational Sciences (three volumes)

Qur’an and Natural Sciences (three volumes)

Qur’an, Management and Political Sciences (four volumes)

Qur’an and Law (three volumes)

Qur’an and Medicine (four volumes)

Qur’an and Sociology (two volumes)

Qur’an, Theology and Philosophy (two volumes)

Further Books
(The Series of Alawi Conduct (Muhsin Abbas Nizhad)

Individual Conduct of Imam Ali (A.S)

Management Conduct of Imam Ali (A.S)

Socio-political Conduct of Imam Ali (A.S)

Fundamentals and Rudiments of the Relation of the Qur’an and Modern Sciences 

Proceedings of the Methodology of the Scientific Exegesis of the Holy Qur’an

Proceedings of the Religious Science

Research Projects
(Theoretical Bases of the Religious Science (the Model of Broad Assessment in the Religious Science)

The question of “religious science” has become one of the main discussions of the Muslim thinkers and intellectuals in recent decades. Observing the crises and damages of the western science on the one hand and backwardness of the Islamic societies on the other, they have tried to redefine the sciences with a religious attitude. 

Religious attitude towards sciences has adherents in the west and once again the issue of relationship between science and religion and the religiously-inclined science has found its way into some intellectual arguments. Rapid development of the chairs of science and religion and the literature in this area, suggests that it is central and completely up to date in the scientific circles. 

There are various epistemological and theological challenges in the way of the production of religious science. Here, we have investigated the challenges related to the study of religion and the possibility of religious science has been examined from this perspective.

Traditional Fundamentals of the Religious Science

A significant source of the religious science is “the Sunna of the Prophet (pbuh) and the family of the house (ahl al-bayt) that includes their sayings, deeds and tacit approval (taqrir). The most important issues addressed in this project include: proving the authoritativeness of the sunna, response to doubts, pathology of hadith and its application in the religious science.

Usul Bases of the Religious Science

The application of usul (source methodology in Islamic jurisprudence) in “the religious science” constitutes the central topic of this study. First, a history of the usul and jurisprudence (fiqh) and the questions of the science of usul al-fiqh will be examined from the beginning of its formative period, and a comparative research in the field of the origin of major usul topics, most of which go back to the sunni works, will be carried out. Then, the issues applicable in the production of the religious science have been selected and raised along with new topics as a basis for the application of the science of usul in the production of the religious science.

Advanced Legal Methodology

Lecture notes of fiqh (jurisprudence) and usul lectures of Ayatullah khu’i and other scholars, taken by the late Ayatullah Abbas Nizhad in an eloquent manner, will be published with a useful edition and an up to date format.

A Comparative Investigation of the Approaches and Performances of the Religion and Science Centers of Iran and the World

This project is a field investigation of all institutions of science and religion in Iran and the world. The approaches, attitudes and performances of these centers in the field of science and religion are going to be identified and examined.

(Production, Publication and Distribution of the Religious Science Journal (Information Technology and Research)

The main goal of this journal is to disseminate the latest findings and news concerned with science and religion to researches, scholars, professors and students. The permission of this journal under the number 91/17891 dated 24 July 2012 was obtained from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Inauguration of Specialized Library of Science and Religion

To promote the research programs of religion and science as well as meeting the information and research needs of researchers, this library offers information services.

Designing the Comprehensive Scientific and Information Portal of Science and Religion

A comprehensive scientific and information portal of science and religion aimed at providing the latest research and scientific achievements in the area of science and religion will be designed and inaugurated. The latest scientific and research productions as books, articles, theses and research projects will be presented in this portal.

Designing The Website of Digital Library of the Qur’an and Modern Sciences

In order that data and science would be collected, stored and organized, in this digital library information and research sources on the Qur’an and modern sciences are accessible.

Basic Rights In a Religious Approach

Inauguration of the University of Science and Religion

The Conferences Taken Place So Far

The First National Conference of the Qur’anic Researches of Hawza and University, Tehran, IRIB Int’l. Conference Hall, 1385 sh./2006.

The Second National Conference of the Qur’anic Researches of Hawza and University, Tehran, Forum, 1388 sh./ 2009.

The National Conference of Qur’an and International Relations, Tehran, organized by: the School for International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1388 sh./ 2009.

The Conference On the Role of Religion in the History of the Scientific developments, Northern Khorasan, organized by: The Islamic Azad University, 1388 sh./ 2009. 

The Second National Conference of the Qur’an and Psychology, Tehran, organized by: al-Zahra University, 1387 sh./ 2008.

The National Conference of the Qur’an and Law, Tehran, organized by: Allameh Tabataba’i University, 1387 sh./ 2008.

The National Conference of the Qur’an and Art, Tehran, organized by: Tarbiat Modares University, 1387 sh./ 2008.

The National Conference of the Qur’an and Medicine, Yazd, organized by: Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, 1388 sh./ 2009.

The Meeting for the Supreme Council for the National Conference, Tabriz, The Islamic Azad University, 1385 sh./ 2006

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